OPS: Echoes in the Deep

Deep sea exploration shouldn’t unnerve any of these investigators, university folks that make their living prowling the ocean floor. When the U.S. Navy asks them to board a nuclear submarine and explore an ocean trench, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. The trench is too deep for the U.S.S. Whitaker, but the university’s deep-sea submersible should do the job nicely.

“We’ve noticed some strange radiation signals emanating from the trench,” says Capt. McCabe. “If it’s a foreign submarine, we’ll force it to surrender or sink it. If it’s something else…”

“What do you mean, ‘If it’s something else’?”

Noah penned the scenario, Matt did a little editing and the layout, and  AJ Ryan drew the illustration. As always, let us know how this plays out, and keep track of your dead!

Echoes in the Deep

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