OPS: The Thing that Came from Kynarth!

Harry Houdini died on Halloween, 1926. An easy date to remember. He was born in 1874, twenty-six years before the turn of the century, and died twenty-six years after. He was 52, the number of cards in a deck. Before he became the king of escapes, he was known as the King of Cards.

Image from Magic Poster Gallery.

So here’s our first holiday scenario, in honor of the man himself and All Hallows’ Eve.

This is another one of our original ideas, from way back at NecronomiCon this past August. I’ve always loved magic, and really wanted to do a scenario that evoked The Prestige in tone. Matt came up with the idea of Houdini, and while I was unsure of using the historical figure, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Lovecraft ghost-wrote for Houdini. So here’s our homage to the classic art of magic, one in which you work alongside with–and perhaps might even save–the great Harry Houdini.

The Thing that Came from Kynarth!

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