OPS: The Door Beyond

Noah has had this idea for a long time, well before we dreamed up Reckoning of the Dead. It’s based on a Fritz Leiber story, “The Sunken Land,” in which Leiber’s heroic duo land on a mysterious, suddenly-risen island that reminds even the most dense reader (me) of R’lyeh. There is much more to the story than simply making landfall, but I’ll leave those treats for those seeking Leiber’s original.

In this Sunday’s One-Page Scenario, a trawler captain goes missing and his wife and kin try to find him. Enlisting aid, they set out on the choppy Pacific, off Washington’s grey coast, and eventually find the captain’s abandoned trawler.  Abandoned, but not empty. What they find draws them further offshore, towards the mystery of the risen isle, Simorgya.

The Door Beyond

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