Prepping our Special Christmas Eve Scenario

As the holiday season descends upon us, we’ve got big plans for you our gentle readers, and we’re as busy as Santa’s elves creating a special treat for the holidays. As it happens, Christmas Eve this year falls on a Sunday, and every Sunday we release our One-Page Scenarios. Since the two align, we thought we’d prep something extra special for our devoted followers, and anyone who has the good sense to occasionally browse their way to this webpage.

But instead of me promoting the upcoming OPS release, I thought I’d share my wife’s email message that she sent to her friends, who will be joining her as players at the table. Besides a brief pitch for the scenario, I hope you see the love and attention we put into gaming. It’s not just a casual pastime for us, but a passion that we hold near and dear. Without any further clichés, here is her email in full:

Hi All,

 Here’s more information about our upcoming RPG night, Monday Dec 11th:

We’ll meet at our house a little before 6 pm to get set up and get some food. We’ll provide some rice and black beans, tortilla chips, avocado, sour cream and grated cheddar cheese. Also, beer, water, and wine. And most likely there will be other munchies.

Noah will be our esteemed Game Master for the evening, and Matt is going to be doing an audio recording of the game, but hopefully this will not make any difference to the actual game playing.

Our scenario is “A Newport Christmas” – a lovely little game written by Matt & Noah and set in the posh environs of Newport, Rhode Island – where every mansion has it’s own yacht and a stable of Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini automobiles. As ex-wives of a wealthy businessman, the 4 of us used to be a part of this rarefied lifestyle, but not anymore. Our former husband has died now, and his lawyer has summoned us to attend a reading of the will on Christmas Eve. We will be staying at the palatial mansion of that miserable philanderer, and of course there will be other low down, greedy characters – such as his current tart of a wife and assorted children and hangers-on. It should be a viperous time and could turn quite nasty…..or maybe we will all end up happy millionaires loaded down with furs and REAL diamonds instead of the tacky paste we are forced to wear now!

 Looking forward to seeing y’all Monday night!

As we hope you can tell, we think that games are about more than just having a good time, they’re about good storytelling, making good friends, and building good communities.




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