OPS: Gravesport University

I lived on the Olympic Peninsula, in northern Washington, for a while shortly after college, and I always thought that it made for an eerie, disturbing location in which to set horror stories–and now horror adventures. There’s a reason Twin Peaks was set in northern Washington. Its close forests, cold waters, and gray skies, always lent that land an air of mystery.

So we give you Gravesport, a fictional town on the Olympic Peninsula, and a sister city (at least in concept) to Arkham, MA. Gravesport is a town that we’ll flush out in sundry scenarios in the future, but feel free to play in this space and change it to your whims. Gravesport is a city without a canon, (yet) so go wild. That being said, if you wanted to set this scenario at a Modern-day Miskatonic University, it wouldn’t be out of place…

Gravesport University

Gravesport Handout #1

Gravesport Handout #2


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