OPS: An Expectant Terror

During the day, under a warm sun and a light breeze, a zoo is a wonderful place to visit. The opportunity to see wild beasts up close thrills both young and old. Exhibits of exotic animals are even more exciting, and the pair of pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo are two of the most popular inhabitants. The female is pregnant and due. A team of zoologists and their assistants are ready to aid with the birth, and the news has drawn many people’s attention.

But when the sun sets and the chilly night creeps in, it is a different scene. Long shadows and eerie noises from the penguin house send chills up the spine. Did something just move in the distance? Thankfully there is a security team nearby to deal with any mischief that occurs. Until they are torn limb from limb, that is . . .

Another exciting One-Page Scenario, we hope you enjoy “An Expectant Terror!”

An Expectant Terror


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