Special Bulletin: Patreon and March Monster Madness!

In March, Patreon and Shoggoths!

March is a busy month, full of good news and good things for us and our readers.

First, and most importantly, Reckoning of the Dead has started a Patreon, the crowdfunding support network where your small financial contributions help finance our activities. Jump over to the site and take a look; at least watch the video, we had a good time making it:

Your money will help Reckoning of the Dead grow. We’ll use it to finance our web-hosting expenses, buy tools to make our One-Page Scenarios and longer adventures more professionally, and reach out to other contributors, artists, and authors, and pay them for their efforts. Even $1 a month gets us closer to these goals.

And you get stuff. Besides the good karma and the glowing feeling of helping struggling (starving) creators reach their dreams, you get goodies. Just for signing up, that simple $1 a month, we’ll mail you a thank you postcard, a one-of-a-kind (well, one-of-however-many-patrons, but still…) a really cool postcard that you can only get by becoming a patron. There won’t be a digital image of this card available. It only comes in the mail, and we’ll pay for the postage.

We reward those who contribute $3 a month with a copy of the Reckoning of the Dead Annual, a fanzine-style, black-and-white publication that takes two of our most popular One-Page Scenarios and expands them into full-length adventures. These adventures won’t have stats or system-specific rules, so you can import them into any role-playing game you play.

Pay $5 a month and you get the card and the ‘zine, and you get to vote on which of our One-Page Scenarios we expand for the annual. Remember, all kinds of things happen in the creative process, and the scenario could change significantly once Matt and Noah put their fevered brains to it. Does the ending change? Maybe. The threat? Likely. The fun? Never.

And for $10 a month, you’ll write an OPS with us. We’ll sit down in a nice comfy web-conferencing room and together spin an RPG tale of terror for the poor, unsuspecting players.

And then there is original art, Patreon-only posts, chat opportunities, and things I’m sure we haven’t even thought of yet. Once again, you can show us your support here.

But wait, there’s more!

March is also Monster Madness Month,  where we’ll focus on the same Lovecraftian creature and use it in all the One-Page Scenarios we publish that month. This month, as you may have guessed from the awesome featured image, we spotlight shoggoths, those gut-clenching monstrosities first encountered in “At the Mountains of Madness.” Giant blobs of organs, eyes, and fangs, March brings four devilish encounters with the formless, gelatinous horrors. We hope you like each and every one.


Reckoning of the Dead was one of the first contributors to Chaosium’s Miskatonic Repository, where you can still purchase a copy of PLAGUE. Don’t forget to follow the blog by clicking the ellipsis in the upper corner of this page! You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @reckonthedead, and we also have a Facebook page.

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