Thank You from the Bottom of our Shoggoth-Hearts

We had an impressive first-day launch for our Patreon, so much so that we got a little blurry-eyed here at the Reckoning of the Dead headquarters. Before the end of the day, 13 backers had pledged enough money for us to almost reach our first goal, the funding of this website. Several of those backers we know, and have had the honor of throwing plastic polyhedrals together at various gaming tables. Others we don’t know, and to those patrons we’d like to say welcome and thank you. Thank you everybody for your abundant generosity.

We’ll be sending out that promised thank you postcard in a few weeks, and in Patreon-only posts tell you what we’re working on in our secret underground laboratory. Naturally we won’t break any Non-Disclosure Agreements we’ve signed with other parties, but we can tell you what the Reckoning of the Dead crew have got in the works, and what we’re moving through the production line. Without giving away too many details, our second Miskatonic Repository release is on deck. We’ve got some very talented creators waiting in the wings, ready to jump aboard if we can secure their funding. As the scenario takes shape, we realize that we’re going to need playtesters, and the easiest way to get our playtest material is to join the crew here at Reckoning of the Dead.

Did we say our second Miskatonic Repository scenario? That’s right, our first Miskatonic Repository effort, PLAGUE, is still available, and is even on sale until March 11. If you haven’t heard of PLAGUE, the estimable Matthew Pook gave it a proper review over at his Reviews from R’lyeh blog. Read his unbiased report, and then go drop a few bucks on PLAGUE. It’s perfect for a single night’s event and an excellent introduction for new players.

And again, to those lucky 13 patrons, welcome to the ranks of the Reckoning of the Dead.


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