May’s RPG Blog Carnival Recap

This May, we were happy to host the RPG Blog Carnival, under the theme “What Scares You?” In that starting post, Matt and Noah both shared some of their personal fears, and the past four Sundays have seen four new one-page scenarios based on some of those fears.

We got a lot of really awesome entries, from new monsters and classes for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, to philosophical examinations of the nature of fear (and using it at the table), to a whole new RPG system. Check the entries out below!

Before we go though, be sure to check out next month’s Blog Carnival topic, “Why do you love RPGs? Why do you love GMing?,” over at Campaign Mastery, starting in June.

  • First up, at Mind Weave RPG, James Eck gave us some really useful tips on running horror scenarios by keeping careful track of tension at the table in “The Pacing of Fear.”
  • James gave us a second entry with a new 5e compatible monster birthed from a dead phoenix—the Soot Horror.
  • Next up, Doctor Necrotic of Daemons & Deathrays gives us three new monsters, also for 5e, inspired by their own unnamed fears—and aren’t those the best kind? (I liked The Walking Disease best.)
  • Xystus of Games did some worldbuilding for their upcoming fantasy campaign by proposing possible phobias that certain fantasy races might be more prone to than others, but balanced this by listing phobias they were also less prone to.
  • On Notes of the Wandering Alchemist we got a philosophical take on fear, with an interesting conclusion: it’s not the unknown we fear, but the known quietly awaiting us. (Rather fitting for Cthuloid horror, I’d say.)
  • Codex Anathema’s Gonz was inspired to take a second crack at hacking 5e’s sorcerer class, and came out with the “Dementia Invoker,” which includes a new spell and all-new feats (and I’d honestly love to play one).
  • And lastly, Rodney Sloan submits a 200-word RPG for us inspired by Jason Morningstar’s The Skeletons: an original, undead-but-reanimated romp you can check out at Rising Phoenix Games.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

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