OPS: The Final Madness

This week’s One-Page Scenario is the tangential result of another project. While researching my GenCon 2018 scenario, “Where Chaos Reigns,” I came across Mel Gordon’s Theatre of Fear and Horror: the Grisly Spectacle of the Grand Guignol of Paris, 1897-1962 (Feral House, 2016), in which he offers synopses of 100’s of the theater’s most successful plays. Several of them are ripe for a Cthulhu Mythos treatment, and I picked one of the more obvious (to me) that was just begging for a Lovecraft spin. I hope you enjoy this week’s offering, and perhaps we’ll see each other at GenCon.

– Matt

It’s 1900, and the foreign soldiers and civilians living in Beijing’s Legation Quarter are surrounded, besieged by the soldiers of the recently empowered Yihequan Movement, in what the West will call the Boxer Rebellion. The investigators are all French nationals, hemmed in with people from seven other counties. They are trapped and there is no way out, or is there? An Austrian scientist was working on some type of advanced technology communications device, and perhaps his research can be repeated. Can the investigators find and decipher the various manuscripts the scientist left scattered about? Resources and sanity are stretched thin. What will break first, the defensive lines or the investigators’ minds?

The Final Madness

Wikipedia has a nice synopsis of the event, as well as some useful maps.


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