OPS: Echoes in the Deep

Ah, summer. Beaches, barbecues, and reruns. This week we offer you one of our better received One-Page Scenario, a delightful little terror we call “Echoes in the Deep.” Originally posted on October 15, 2017, Noah had the original idea and wrote the piece, and Matt did the layout and drew the featured image. Matt’s daughter AJ did the interior illustration of the Mythos antagonist.

A group of deep sea divers aboard a nuclear submarine heads to the South Sandwich Trench to check out some weird radioactive readings. While odd, there should be a rational explanation for the strange signals.

Yes, there should be . . .

Echoes in the Deep

The Into the Darkness Club, a group of online gamers who record their games, graciously ran “Echoes in the Deep” not once but twice. You can check out both of those episodes here and here. We’d like to thank Thom and Jef and all our friends at Into the Darkness.

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