OPS: Snowmageddon!

This month’s One-Page Scenario is a practice exercise. First, I needed to practice writing, as I haven’t written anything in nearly three months. Second, I wanted to practice drawing with a box of Eberhard Faber colored pencils I found in a second-hand thrift store. Originally designed in Germany in 1924, the set I bought was produced in the company’s New York factory in the 1950s. I wanted to draw with pencils older than I am. Lastly, I practiced working instead of worrying about a car that wouldn’t start while we got a foot of snow in Upstate New York.

“Snowmageddon!” takes place in a fictional university in the northern reaches of Maine. As visitors arrive for the school’s annual winter pageant and ice-skating festival, heavy snows keep the guests confined to the area. When a dead body is found, the investigators realize that they are trapped with a murderer. Or, as the case reveals, far worse.

Set in either the early decades of the 20th century or our modern times, I hope you enjoy “Snowmageddon!”

~Matt Ryan


2 thoughts on “OPS: Snowmageddon!”

  1. Had a blast running this as a campy Christmas 2-shot scenario for my players!! (I made some handouts if anyone is interested)


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