“PLAGUE,” our new scenario available on the Miskatonic Repository

Matt and I are very excited to be able to announce that our new scenario, “PLAGUE,” is now available at DriveThruRPG.

From the back cover:

A lethal plague hits Arkham, MA, and the authorities have located the source: Brighton House, an old Victorian mansion on French Hill renovated into tenement apartment housing. The disease does not respond to any known treatments and kills its victims in a few short hours. The Centers for Disease Control respond by sending some of their top agents to investigate: can they save the inhabitants of Brighton House, and prevent the disease from spreading?

“Plague” is a one-shot scenario designed for 4-6 players, and contains six pregenerated characters, maps, and all new art. Lead your team through the horrors of Brighton House and the mystery that waits inside.

Part of Chaosium’s new “Miskatonic Repository” program, “PLAGUE” is one of the five launch scenarios, along with James Coquillat’s “Terror Itself,” Ed Possing’s “Isle of Madness,” and Mike Nagel’s linked scenarios, “The Scales of Time” and “Trail of the Monolith.” Congratulations to each of these authors! Each of these authors (including us) also answered some interview questions: you can find ours here.

You can find “PLAGUE” over on DriveThruRPG.


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