Reckoning of the Dead Actual Plays

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Over the past few months, Reckoning of the Dead has gotten a bit of play over on YouTube, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to call some of these streamers to your attention.


First up is Into the Darkness, an online Call of Cthulhu gaming club. I was first introduced to Into the Darkness through Jef Wilkins, when he played in one of my games at NecronomiCon 2017. Jef plays in, and occasionally runs, games for this club. The main host and Keeper on the show is Thom Raley, who founded the group and puts in uncountable hours keeping it going. Into the Darkness has hundred of hours of Call of Cthulhu goodness online, from full-length campaigns to, you guessed it, several of our one-page scenarios. I’ve highlighted some of our favorites below.

Beyond the Door

Suicide Hour

Echoes in the Deep

The Central Tree

Into the Darkness also has a generous Patreon, where you can support Thom and his crew so they can continue bringing you the best in Cthulhu content.


Crazed Sheep is a streamer I’ve only recently discovered, essentially by accident, by Googling the title of one of our scenarios (oh, vanity). So far, this group’s only run one of our scenarios, “Gravesport University.” You can find their very fun playthrough here:

Gravesport University


Thanks so much to these two groups, who are helping spread the word about the service (“service?” sure, why not) we provide here at RotD.

Do you know of anyone else playing our games online? Are you interested in running one? If so, let us know, and we’ll be sure to mention you in a future post like this one!



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